The saddest word
in the whole wide world
is the word almost.

He was almost in love.
She was almost good for him.
He almost stopped her.
She almost waited.
He almost lived.
They almost made it.

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I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.

It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child;

A girl with her lover;

Or a friend laughing with their best friend;

I realize that even though I like being alone

I don’t fancy being lonely.

after 3+ years on tumblr this is still the most relevant accurate thing i’ve ever seen

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10 Easy Cooking Substitutions





If your recipe calls for you to cook with wine, and you find you drank it all last night, you can use this mixture for each cup: 13 tablespoons water, 3 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon sugar.


Cream Cheese

Who would have guessed that you could substitute equal amounts of low-fat cottage cheese for cream cheese? You just have to beat it until it is smooth before you can use it.

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Just so I remember that once upon a time, I cooked


those girls are so hot

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